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The power of playing by IKC

Let us introduce ourselves. We are IKC. And with our play concepts, we make children happy all around the world. This brings our clients a lot: higher revenues, more visitors, more returning visitors, and a relaxed atmosphere. How we do that? This is what we call: the power of playing. 

You can also introduce your customers or visitors to the power of play. We create play opportunities for every space, for every budget and we take care of everything. 

IKC: specialist in play

We design, manufacture, and install imaginative play areas, play corners, and kids’ corners

And we do that for:

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Public areas



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Interior designers


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Invest in a play corner and reap the benefits

Because: offering a play area or kids’ corner always pays for itself. For example, in higher revenues, in more relaxed clients and employees, in faster consultations and a more relaxed atmosphere in waiting rooms.

Whether you have 0,5 or 100 square metres at your disposal: we can turn it into a fantastic play corner and we take care of everything. 

Reap the benefits:

  • More relaxed atmosphere
  • More customers
  • Higher revenues per customer
  • Families are more likely to return
  • Unique intensification of the brand experience
  • The playing child is your future customer

Isn't that wonderful? We have been seeing this for years. Everywhere around the world. Playing is universal. Playing pays off. 

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NEW: Arctic collection

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Need some inspiration for a kids play area?

Then download our free brochure filled with examples of play areas and play ideas. We also extensively explain our vision on “the power of playing”. We tell you who we are, what we do, and why we do it. 

Would you like to meet us, without any obligation?

We are happy to help you create play value for your customers, patients, guests, or clients. Make a non-committal appointment with one of our specialists. 

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