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The added value of a child-friendly environment

Imagine: you are on a fun day out with the family and everyone is enjoying themselves. It’s no great problem for you to sit & daydream, enjoying the view while you wait for the next part of your adventure, but sitting around and waiting is not something your young son or daughter can tolerate too much. Boredom sets in and the children get restless, which means they can become annoying for you and sometimes for others having to wait.

Create a win-win situation
As a result, many families are reluctant to go out, prefering to stay at home where the children won’t annoy anyone else. But what if you could find a place to go where the kids will never get bored, even when having to wait their turn? This is an opportunity for you: create an environment within your venue which make families feel welcome and in which children will have fun all the time. An IKC play area will create a win-win situation.

Beauty is in the details
Take our Play modules and interactive play systems. These are great examples of products that can be deployed in a very small space: they are easy to install and provide children with a simple distraction that provides a lot of fun. Creating a children's corner sounds like a very grand scheme, but the reality is you don’t need a lot of space to make children feel wanted and happy: the beauty is in the details.

Cheerful children ensure satisfied customers
By giving the children their own place within your organisation, they can have fun and all the family will enjoy themselves. As a result, they are more likely to come to you and return to you and you'll probably see more positive internet reviews too!

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