Our play corners can be found in restaurants, shops, waiting rooms, hotels, at airports, and at many more locations. And they always pay for themselves. This can often be seen in higher revenues, sometimes in a more relaxing atmosphere, and thus a faster consultation. Playing pays off.

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IKC News | 20.08.2019

Available now! Glitter EPDM for your play corner!

IKC recently added the possibility for glitter play floors to their EPDM assortment. The glitters add a new, spectacular dimension to the play corners. Our…

Branche tips | 15.08.2019

Brand awareness is best developed at an early age

Did you know that brand awareness is mostly developed by children between the age of 2 and 10 years old? Marco Lankman, CEO of IKC Global, explains that he…

IKC News | 12.08.2019

More and more Hema stores add play corners

In cooperation with Hema, IKC has developed several play corners. Each play corner fits into a different department of the large Retail chain. The kids’…

IKC News | 26.07.2019

Instore Kids Corners becomes International Kids Concepts

For the past 20 years, the abbreviation IKC stood for Instore Kids Corners. However, in addition to play corners in shops, the IKC play concepts can also be…

IKC News | 14.07.2019

IKC gives 4 tips for a good childrens corner

Tip 1.
Pay attention to the play activities of children of different ages.
IKC has developed forms of play products appropriate…

IKC News | 09.07.2019

The added value of a child-friendly environment

Imagine: you are out on a family day trip and you have to wait before the next activity starts. Most likely, it is no problem for you to sit and wait for a…

IKC News | 02.07.2019

Focus on your youngest visitor

In a world where everyone is busy, there is less and less family time and more orders are placed online, it is a big challenge for retailers to attract…