Child friendly hospital

Playsystems in hospital

The child needs to be the central focus of your attention so the treatment runs smoothly and the recovery process is enhanced.

Placing IKC play systems in different areas within your organisation will allow children the opportunity to play quietly, wherever they have to be, making them feel more comfortable.

A play area is the place where children can be themselves because:

  • It provides a relaxing and stress relieving influence
  • For a brief moment, kids can enter their own world.
  • They can play safely - whether alone or socialising with other children.
  • Playing will make children feel more self-confident and is often used as a way to communicate during the treatment.
  • Play stimulates a childs' creativity and allows them to express their emotions.
  • Happy children means happy parents and healthcare professionals that are pleased to welcome them into their environment at any time.

After years of listening to children and clients, working in collaboration with hospitals and other health care institutions, we developed solutions to make fitting play concepts for waiting rooms, lobbies, corridors and treatment rooms.

By creating dedicated play areas or by placing play modules in different departments – including within the treatment rooms - children are welcomed by an "oasis of play", pushing their curiosity and intrigue.

To help professionals make better connections with children and provide additional comfort during treatment, you can include play products within the consultation areas: recognition of the graphics from play areas inside treatment and recovery rooms will help kids relax as they become familiar with the colours, shapes and textures.

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