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During a period of close cooperation between representatives of Pediatrics at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Den Bosch and Instore Kids Corners a beautiful project was realized for the Pediatric Department at the hospital. The fact that a variety of employees from this department gave their input, helped make the selections and worked together with our IKC team makes this project unique. Children staying at the hospital as well as those just coming in for a doctor’s visit will find that the department has been designed to create a positive distraction from the serious hospital surroundings and to offer entertainment while waiting.

In all (22) treatment rooms, where doctors speak with parents and children, you will find a play module. Installation of one of these modules is exactly what parents and doctors are looking for when they need to pay close attention to an important conversation while their children can play for a short period of time. Other areas have also been equipped with play modules where potential “waiting periods” can occur, for instance the general play area or a hospital ward.

Immediately after installation there were many positive reactions, of course from the young patients and their parents,  but also from the doctors and employees of the hospital itself.As a result of the positive feedback other departments in the hospital are looking into starting similar projects.

The strength and simplicity of the IKC concept has proven again that children will be more relaxed which is a positive influence on the people around them and the departments they stay in.We look forward to install our products in additional departments at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital and some of their other locations.

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Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis Kinderwebsite