charityCorporate responsibility and sustainability are principles that we try to show through our business practices. Shared values, the communities and environment, and ethics are important to maintain and support. As a company we always encourage employees on every level to participate in contributing to the communities around us. Our products are designed to be educational, to stimulate the development and to make the children happy. Therefore our IKC’s participation in community projects in both Europe and China focuses on the well being, education and development of children. Our activities range from supporting fundraising events, volunteer projects, and providing play to those who need it most.

Examples of our involvement with charity foundations are “Stichting doe een Wens” (Europe), “Mappa Mondo” (Europe), a donation to the Jiaxing Orphanage (Zhejiang province, China), and most recently the Hengli Community Service Center in Dongguang City (Guangdong province, China).

charityEvery year 10 million migrants settle down in Donguang to find a better job and provide better support to their children and family members. Often these migrants are unable to provide proper education and a stable environment for their children. The Hengli Community Service Center helps migrants to settle down in Dongguang and supports them in creating a new home for their children by providing a stable and safe environment, where they can play, study and do sports. The community center was founded in 2005 by Mr. and Mrs. Xu who spend 1 million RMB ( approx. 150K USD) of their own savings and raised another 1 million RMB to finance the founding. With the employees of IKC China we provided this community center with 4 large play areas in different buildings of the community center, and small educational wooden toys for children to play with. Together with the Chinese government, the Hengli Community Center now provides a proper education to over 250 children.

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Charity Rogier Tjeenk Willink (General Manager) next to photographs of the children from the Hengli Community Service Center.