Kids CornerAs from March this year we can announce that we have established a new partnership in Durban South Africa where a showroom with a selection of IKC products has been installed in Durban.

Together with local partners who have already been in the business for several years South Africa will now be addressed as new growth market. The concept of Instore Kids Corners and products like ours were unknown in South Africa despite the large retail culture where shopping malls throughout the country dominate the regions.

The platform will be used to explain and attract the local market where also target retailers will be approached such as food restaurant chains, supermarkets, etc. We have great belief in the South African market as the first projects are well under progress and we expect to share the first in-retail results soon.

There are already plans to open showrooms in Johannesburg and Capetown as well as together with Durban these are the 3 large powerful cities to have representative appearance.

The Durban operation will also act as base to accommodate other countries on the South African continent where first interest already has been shown. We look forward establishing a powerful IKC presence in South Africa and have great trust to achieve this together with our partners.