Children often accompany their parents on their search for a new family car, but get easily bored. IKC Japan designed for a Volkswagen dealer in Japan a kids’ corner with play system for children to play with while their parents talk with their representatives: the Volkswagen Custom Car.

Volkswagen custom car

A new and exciting Volkswagen car has been developed which familiarizes children with their brand when they test drive the Volkswagen car. While their parents or caretakers discuss details of the sales with the Volkswagen representative, children can play to their heart's content in this brand new car. This custom car contains two play modules; one custom play module with pictures of the dealer and Volkswagen and a Wire Beads.

With this Volkswagen thoroughly being tested, parents can be sure their children will love their new car. Now, they just need to discuss the details with the sales representative. This way, Volkswagen turns play into profit! 

For more information on Volkswagen, please visit their website:

Volkswagen custom car

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Parents and children love to go out and shop for new furniture at IKEA. While children think it is fun looking around for new items, they easily lose their patience when it isn't for them but their parents or caretakers. IKEA is well known for its wonderful accommodation towards adults with children and IKEA Thiais, south of Paris, France, is no exception to this.

kids corner

Many parents and caretakers with children visit IKEA Thiais. While children are always exited to look around, IKEA understands walking through the store and going through the sales process can be very tiring for them. To offer a relaxed and fun shopping experience, IKEA Thiais made space for new kids play areas with new and exciting custom made play system and play modules.

The kids play areas can be found at several departments throughout IKEA; at the restaurant; the living rooms area and
at the storage department. The play system has been 
modeled after it’s environment: its shaped like a tree and has 3 play modules and 1 interactive PlayTouch system children can play with.

Now the children can play in a visible and safe area while their parents select the color or size of their desired couch or closet. When customers and their children leave their store with a smile, employees of IKEA Thiais are sure they’ll return!

play corner with modules custom play system IKEA

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New play module now available!

23 July 2014 10:38:51 CEST

We all know the game Tic Tac Toe, also known as Noughts and Crosses or Xs and Os. Now this all time favorite can be played with a variation.

Try to line up the numbers or symbols, or spin the disc below and try to recreate the figures shown. Children  can play alone or with other children and will come to love this game as well!

New and now available in stock, in orange or green. The Square Logic can be easily mounted in any of our play systems or to any wall. 

Square Logic Orange           Square Logic Green

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Tenpo Expo again successfull for IKC Japan

18 July 2014 10:52:20 CEST

At the second Tenpo Exposition in Tokyo from 9 till 11th July were IKC Japan experts again able to let many retail stakeholders experience our fun and safe IKC products that will increase their profit through child-friendly service. 

tenpo expo stand

The IKC stand offered the decision makers, business owners and visitors a lot of examples on the Instore Kids Corners products which could be experienced and be played with. While playing they were informed with more information from our specialists. Experiencing the effect of our products in real life convinced the representatives about the quality of the products and how the products can increase their business in terms of service towards their clients.

The exposition in Tokyo is not the only where you can freely talk with one of our representatives! Coming 23rd  - 26th September IKC Russia will be present at the HoReCa exhibition in Moscow to show restaurant owners and representatives how they can increase customer satisfaction by installing kids corners.

Towards customers with children!


Tenpo Exposition Joypalettetenpo stand Joypalette

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The Emergency Department of hospital MC Zuiderzee in Lelystad is now using a brand new play system. Serviceclub Kiwanis donated the interactive play system on the 10th of June by raising money through the sales of chocolate Easter bunnies.

Kiwanis wanted to do something special this year for the children who were hospitalized in this department. ‘We’re very happy with this gift as we do not have the money available to buy play materials like this.’ Commented Lia Verheul, head of department. The interactive play system distracts children from their stressful situation and helps them to calm down. The chairs were donated by Instore Kids Corners and Kiwanis. ‘It’s good to see that we can contribute this way to a more pleasant stay in our hospital.’ Peter van den Berg on behalf of Kawanis. 

On the picture below hands Peter van den Berg on behalf of Kiwanis the interactive play system over to the Emergency Department of MC Zuiderzee. 

Spelcomputer MC Zuiderzee

Overhandiging Spelcomputer

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