Kids consider visiting a shopping mall as an adventure; they see bright colours all around them, hear interesting sounds everywhere, and they get to try new pretty clothes on. Shopping mall MIR recently added another adventure to this list: a bright and spacious kids corners for young children to play in!

Each day children discover new areas and try out new things. Yet as we all know, for children stimuli could be overwhelming and tiring after hours of walking around. With about 19000 visitors each day, of which many are children, it is a tremendous task to keep every visitor happy. That’s why shopping mall MIR offers parents or caretakers with children a calm atmosphere in which they can rest in. The open play areas offer hours of fun through fun blocks, soft seatings, a sea themed table with chairs, play systems Mushroom and Honey Play with several different play modules. After this well deserved break children and their parents or caretakers can resume their day full of energy. 

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MIR CentreShoppingmall MIR

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Instore Kids Corners Group presents IKCstudio’s First app; the Game Train. With this educational and colourful game children can learn while playing a game, supporting a healthy development in a fun and challenging way. 

The Game Train is an educational game for today’s kids that understands what it means to be a child, giving them room to develop their skills at their own pace. The game offers children a colourful locomotive with 11 games that challenge, stimulate creativity, teach, but also offer a fun reward after completing each level. Children between the ages 2 – 6 can play hours long with this game; the Game Train is a fun, happy, and colourful game that does not contain violence, discrimination, misleading advertising nor pressure to buy. That’s why children will have fun playing calmly where ever they are: hospital, supermarket, municipal hall, airport, and so on. 

The Game Train is now available for the Android, Windows and iPhone and can be downloaded from your local Appstore!

With the knowledge and experience we gather through IKCstudio, we can also further improve our products for bright and entertaining kids corners. This way, we are constantly following our philosophy:

“Genuine value of your environment is created when there’s room for everyone."

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Flagshipstore H&M chooses for IKC kids corners

18 November 2014 13:22:29 CET

The shopping experience of parents and their children at the flagshipstore in H&M Rotterdam is now complete! Together with H&M we created this beautiful and safe play area so kids and parents can enjoy their time shopping.

The flagshipstore of H&M in Rotterdam is ready to welcome all shoppers. With their brand new kids play area in the kids department H&M provides high quality service to young and old. H&M understands the fact that an kids play area completes their stores and improves the their customers shopping experience.

The H&M in Rotterdam is with 4.500 m2 the biggest H&M store in Europe. The play area is strategically placed within the store. With this setup adults can easily oversee the playground from every corner of the department and can now take their time shopping around instore.

Meanwhile the children can play in a safe and calm environment with the colourful IKC play modules and playsystems in this beautifully designed surrounding. This way H&M Rotterdam provides space and quality service to all of their customers, young and old.

H&M kids corner

H&M kids corner

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Restaurants, hotels and cafes in Russia are becoming more aware of the importance of providing family friendly service in their business. IKC Russia was this year again present at the PIR Expo in Moscow, and noticed there’s an increase in interest in installing child friendly facilities. 

IKC at PIR Expo 2014

IKC representatives were this year again eager to talk to visitors of the PIR Expo 2014, which took place from 23 till 26 September in Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow. During this exposition they found out that in comparison to PIR Expo 2013 the amount of requests of companies are now consider the value of entertaining visiting children increased noticeably. Restaurants, hotel and café owners and personnel are aware more and more children are accompanying their parents or caretakers on their visits to their business. To set their business apart and keep attracting such customers, high quality service has to be ensured. A fitting and safe kids corner could make a difference in their customer’s evaluation of their business.

To give owners and representatives an idea of how our IKC products feel and look like, several test wall modules, free standing play systems, and mini play structures were available. After a quality test and a quick conversation with our representatives about the benefits of a custom kids corner, many visitors were convinced that an IKC kids corner would be an added value to their business.

IKC Russia was also happy to note that representatives or owners of various hotels, cafes, and restaurants that already have an IKC kids corner would come over to talk and give us an update on how kids corners has increased their profit.

Visitors PIR Expo Russia

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China Post delivers service with unique kids corner

26 September 2014 09:04:01 CEST

China Post welcomes children and adults daily to send their letters or packages, or manage their savings account. But before children can actually do this they might have to queue, which is very boring. China Post has found the perfect solution to provide these children a welcome distraction during their waiting time: a unique and fun kids corner!

China Post is a state owned enterprise providing services such as post services, bank savings and EMS, and has 39.000 offices offering service all over China. Facing increasing competition and a diverse clientele, Post China decided to become a leading company by offering child friendly services among other things. 

In their news kids corner, made safe by using fences, children can play with our Play system Juliet with custom software, Multi playfoot, Family Bridge, Square Logic, custom Play point memory, Match & Pop, and many, many more. With a wonderful experience available for children at Post China, waiting lines are shorter and visiting the Post office is a true adventure to look forward to!

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