Mission Statement of Instore Kids Corners


IKC commits herself to bringing educational play to children, to add profit to her customers, to take care of her employees, to respect the environment and to being a sustainable world-leading play points company.

Mission and Vision

• Quality
Ensuring quality and safety of our products is the core of our business and is directly linked to the success of our company. Our aim is to ensure that everywhere in the world the IKC name represents the promise that the product is safe and top quality. This is obtained by using the highest quality people, materials and machines. Our quality-control checks and the tests by certified safety officials are expressed by the standard 2-year warranty.

• Simplicity
IKC believes in the simplistic look and feel of her products. We make sure children everywhere in the world, between two and ten years, will be able to play with IKC’s products without any guidance or explanation required. The products are based on traditional games, are made without loose parts and made of wood, as informer days. They are simple to understand and captivate the children’s imaginations. By creating an attractive simplistic look and feel by using certain shapes, material and colours, children all over the world, from many different cultures, are attracted to our products.

• Social
Because our company’s success is based on our people we fully support the United Nations Global Compact’s guiding principles on human rights and labour. We aim to set an example of good human rights and labour practices throughout all our business activities. Besides giving respect and dignity to our people we are dedicated to bringing play to children all over the world: IKC participates in community projects like fundraising, schools and product donations to support the children who need it the most.

• Wood
IKC products are made of wood and wood is what we believe in. Wood gives our products a high quality and warm look and it makes our products very durable. Choosing wood as our ‘core play material’ gives a much lower carbon footprint to our products.

• Service
IKC possess the whole production line, from the design to the delivery of the product to the customer. We are therefore a flexible organization that can provide a local and custom service worldwide. Customisation of our products for customers with specific, individual requirements is another key to our success; and with our owndesign team consisting of Dutch and Chinese designers we are fully equipped to meet your wishes.

• Green
IKC is constantly trying to downsize her footprint as much as possible, we do this by focusing on our products and our processes: what happens when we buy materials, when we design our products, when we make them, whenwe sell them and what happens when you use them. That’s why we design our products to use less material, ship with smaller packaging, be free of toxic substances and be as energy efficient and recyclable as possible.

• Global
IKC is a worldwide selling company, which is still expanding her network. With a production factory in China, a worldwide distributor network and products that are used in every continent, we are ‘turning play into profit’ all over the world.

• Educational Play
IKC believes in developing children’s abilities by letting them play. By playing with our products children will develop through sensory exploration, socialising, memorizing and thinking. By helping to develop children allover the world we are actively investing in the future of our world.

• Innovative
IKC is constantly trying to innovate her organization and products. Our design team is trying to find ways to lower our company footprint, design new products, give our products more educational play value, and provide genuine quality and value for our customers.

• Profit
IKC’s slogan ‘Turning play into profit’ is what we really believe in. By installing kids’ corners in companies and organisations in an intelligent way we add profit to businesses and their communities, and by doing this across the nations, we will add profit to the whole world.