Kids Corners in Health Care

Kidscorner in Health careFor optimal care within your organization it is important that you can give your patients a fitting environment. Increasing calmness, recognition and creating confidence are the main goals for this. A kids corner achieves these goals for both children and adults.

A kids corner in your waiting room can be designed to fit perfectly within your practice or organization. Think about play systems, wall graphics in your corporate identity, or even custom software fitting to your field of expertise. Children who can have some fun beforehand, instead of waiting for the specialist, are more relaxed during the treatment or examination. It is also possible to place graphics in the treatment or operation rooms, and children will recognize these graphics from before. The graphics will give the children a secure feeling and be more calm. A way to achieve this is by using ceiling graphics. The flow of the treatment will go smoother which will result in faster treatments.

Beside being beneficial for the patients, it also has benefits for your own employee’s!

Benefits in a nutshell:
- Possible faster treatments
- No loose toys in waiting room
- Better work environment for your employee’s
- Easy to clean toys
- Child friendly image
- Preference for your organization or practice

For the patients:
- Calm and relaxing environment with pleasant atmosphere
- Secure environment for kids, thus relieving tension

Personal advice:
Would you like to discuss the benefits? We gladly give you advice on placement, products and results for a kids corner in your organization or practice. We aim to give you maximum result! “Turning Play Into Profit!”.

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