Kids Corners in Restaurants

Kids Corner Food

As owner of a restaurant or diner you understand the importance of details. You do as much as you can to achieve the ideal table occupation, the right ambience and have returning guests. But how do your younger customers, the children, respond to this?

By placing a correct kids corner you create the calm atmosphere you need. Guests can eat without any pressure of kids wanting to leave. This has direct consequences on what they spend. They are more likely to take an extra drink or dessert. Other guests without children will also be more likely to stay longer, since they can enjoy your hospitality without being disturbed. More guests will return and attracted to your company!

Benefits in a nutshell:
Returning pleased guests
No loose toys within your company, but easy to clean location bound products
Higher spending per individual guest
More relaxing work environment for your personnel
Child friendly image
Cheap extra marketing tool

Personal advice:
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Your top chef or service can not compete with an unhappy child!