Kids Corners in Fastfood Restaurants

Burger King Kids Corner
As owner of a fastfood restaurant you know the importance of making the guest’s stay as enjoying as possible. You know that every detail in the store has his own input in this process. Not only the quality of the products matters, but everything from entering the store to purchasing the products and waiting for them to be ready. It is in your best interest that you try to take all these facts and twist them into maximum customer satisfaction.

Good examples are McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burger King, they invest a lot of effort in the children for a reason. The young guests have a lot of influence in the choice for a fastfood restaurant. Extra attention for keeping this group happy is very important for that reason.
You are able to give that extra attention by placing a correct kids corner. The kids corner can serve as a marketing tool and makes sure your company draws the necessary attention. Your guests can eat or order food without being disturbed. A longer and more pleasant stay has direct consequences on the spending of consumers.

Benefits in a nutshell:
- Higher spending per individual guest
- No loose toys within your company, but easy to clean bound products
- Preference for your restaurant
- More relaxing work environment for your personnel
- Child friendly image
- Cheap extra marketing tool

Personal advice:Would you like to discuss the benefits? We gladly give you advice on placement, products and results for a kids corner in your company. We aim to give you maximum result! “Turning Play Into Profit!”.

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