Instore Kids Corners offers a large number of different Play Systems, play modules and interactive games but the basic principle for all these products is the same: “Turning Play Into Profit”.

More turnover by entertaining your client’s children or by guiding them through the store with play systems installed at strategic points. Our play systems are suitable for 1m2 to unlimited space. Instore Kids Corners also offers Child Furniture or custom developed products.

Burger King

The benefits :
Children are more relaxed, parents in a positive sense of feeling ! 
Parents will remain longer in a store, leading to a higher spending amount ! 
Parents will specifically go shopping (fun shopping), knowing that the environment is Child Friendly…! 
Better routing within the stores, so called “dead corners” ! 
By installing  the Kidscorner in a certain area, parents are guided to this area ! 
Less damage within the stores ! 
More time for store staff for active sales support ! 


Due to the concept other target groups can be reached :
Fathers will also join and are not needed to watch the children but can also shop ! 
Mothers/Women will fit chosen cloths knowing the child is happy and enjoying himself in sight of the parent ! 
Children will direct parents to go to the store knowing they can play ! 
Children do communicate with other children and mention the playarea ! 
Children are the customers of the future ! 





Why Instore Kids Corners :
No loose parts of the products, no mess in-store ! 
Products are designed in such way that little store m2 is needed ! 
Products are all based on “edutainment”, violent free so positive effect on surrounding  (Interactive PlayTouch and Playmodules) ! 
All products can be customized to meet the corporate identity of the store/group ! 
High quality with a guarantee of two years after implementation ! 
All products are manufactured according to the global regulations, child friendly and high sustainability ! 

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