Kids Corners in Transportation

Kids corner car showroom
Within the car branch there is a lot of competition. As owner you try to get loyal customers who keep coming back to you. You make sure your potential buyers visit your showroom, and you make sure your showroom as designed so customers feel cozy and secure. That one moment, taking the decision, is important for you. You want to use that moment for the full 100%.

Buying a car is often an important decision where the whole family gets involved in. In such a case it is good to know that you and your employee’s can handle the sale without being disturbed. Children who want to go home or are not interested in all the “grown-up stuff” don’t help in the sale process.

By placing a kids corner you can create the calm and relaxing environment you need. The customer has all the time to ask questions and have conversation with your employee’s, increasing chance of a possible sale. The children are playing safely on the educational playsystems in the kids corner and do not generate any extra pressure.

Benefits in a nutshell:
- More focus on the sale
- Calm and relaxing environment for employee’s and customers
- No running children
- No loose toys which can damage cars
- Smart usage of enthusiasm from happy kids which reflect to their parents

Personal advice:
Would you like to discuss the benefits? We gladly give you advice on placement, products and results for a kids corner in your company. We aim to give you maximum result! “Turning Play Into Profit!”.

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