Kids Corners in Airports

Kidscorner Airport
Travelers have different experiences regarding the stay on an airport. For some its an exiting unique experience, and for another it’s a returning ritual. As airport organization it is an constant challenge to keep it as comfortable as possible. You want to offer optimal service, you want to stimulate the duty-free shopping and have the travelers eat and drink in the different restaurants. You use smart retail techniques to achieve this.

You can achieve optimal hospitality by placing a kids corner! The kids corner improves the overall atmosphere. By designing correct kids corners or play area’s you can stimulate routing and draw attention to certain parts or the airport. Besides the business advantages, it is also fun for all the children of the travelers.

Some advantages:
- Increased revenue through smart routing
- Higher customer satisfaction
- Calm atmosphere in and around the airport
- Cheap marketing tool

It is almost impossible to solve all problems that cause delays and waiting times. It is better to make sure the people who are waiting have an as comfortable as possible stay. You offer a solution; hospitality on the highest level.

Your play area?
Airports like Cairo Airport, Halifax Airport, Brussels Airport, Amsterdam Schiphol and Paris Charles de Gaulle are already supplied with kids corners and play area’s. Are you interested in the advantages a kids corner can bring you? We gladly give advice, so you can achieve maximum results as well: “Turning Play Into Profit!”.

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