Advantages Interactive Play Systems

We'd love to tell you all the benefits and advantages of our Interactive Play Systems, but the list below maybe says it all!


Multiple children can play at the same time with or against each other.
All our products are developed for continuous use.
Our products are certified by accredited institutes and meet the highest safety standards.
A satisfied parent spends money. Our play systems make sure that the children get entertained.
Full 2 year warranty on all our Play Systems and Playmodules.
Possibility to create a design that reflects your corporate identity, brand and logo.

Free integration of your logo in our software. Extremely low power consumption, only 64 watts!
All our products are in stock in our own warehouse.
Produced green, taking in account the environment.
All Play Systems and Play Modules are free of maintenance.
Cabinets with locks to ensure safety.
Low energy, so you save on energy costs!
Simply plug in the power and it works!
Strong and durable design.
Text free so suitable for all ages and all nationalities.
Unique intuitive operation through high quality, industrial touchscreen.
Updates are provided free of charge from a USB stick that easily can be installed.
Kids love it! Local service worldwide for each product.

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