About Instore Kids Corners

Instore Kids CornersInstore Kids Corners is the leading producer and supplier of professional kids corners and play systems in the business to business market. Utilising the concept “Kids Corner”, we increase your business. Because of that, we use the motto: “Turning Play Into Profit!”

All of Instore Kids Corners products are designed in the Netherlands and produced by IKC Productions in China. After producing, the products are delivered to any place in the world by our network of more then 30 distributors.

IKC core values: Quality, safety and service
Quality, safety and service are Instore Kids Corners three core values. We work with these notions as a starting point in mind.
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Instore Kids Corners is committed to deliver high quality products and service. For service this means that we do what we say, and we say what we do. At the products it means hold multiple quality control checks during the production process, and we always supply high quality to the end user. The concept “Kids Corner” can be found at world’s largest organisations and corporations. These will only settle for the best quality that gives them good results.
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The concept “Kids Corner” is sold to company’s and organisations, but the actual users are children. A kids corner has to be a safe environment where the children can play my themselves, while the parents do their business. To warrant the safety, all our products are tested and certified by official safety bodies

The specialists of Instore Kids Corners always actively handle your questions. They think with you about a suiting solution, for example by using a unique product, so you get the most results out of your kids corner. You can fully trust that every request, big or small, is in the right hands at Instore Kids Corners.

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